Snappy Teak-Nu

Snappy Teak-Nu

Snappy Teak-Nu is used in ship yards professionally and by yachting enthusiasts all over the world , because : 

  1. Snappy Teak-Nu is cheaper than sanding your deck
  2. Snappy Teak-Nu is quicker than sanding your deck
  3. Snappy Teak-Nu does not wear down your deck like sanding.


Just like every dog has it’s day, every job has its day as well. Teak cleaning is no exception! The deck is best cleaned on a overcast, even misty day. Below are some basic instructions and hints to give you the best results. We are always open for suggestions and count on you for them. Feel free to email this website with your thoughts and suggestions and we will be happy to publish them. Collectively we can make an otherwise dreaded job as easy as it can possibly be, mind you I didn’t promise you fun. Teak is rarely fun to clean but it is most beautiful when it is cleaned to your satisfaction and its beauty proudly shows.


Steps and Ideas

Make sure your teak is wet before attempting to apply Snappy on it, I relate it to waxing a car on a sun filled 100 degree day in mid afternoon. Here is a little hint that can help if you are working in an area with aluminum in close proximity as in steps. Putting some petroleum jelly on the aluminum will protect it from the chemicals used in Snappy Teak-Nu cleaners. Now that your deck and surrounding areas are wet you can either pour some on by the quart bottle or, my favorite is, to pour it in a plastic pail. I don’t suggest you use a gallon to pour from, too messy, use them to refill your empty quart bottles! If the teak is not too badly soiled you can dilute it with water; if you are using a pail, I only recommend up to 4 to 1 dilution ratio with water. Put your rubber gloves and goggles on and use either the matching supplied brush or a white 3M cleaning pad. I prefer to clean in a more circular motion as opposed to back and forth, it is easier on the soft particles of the wood called chafing. When the wood becomes black and tarry-like, let it sit on there for just a couple of minutes while you rinse out your bucket and do exactly the same thing for the number 2 formula, the same dilution. Keep all those surrounding areas wet and free from possible run off. If you used the brushes then you now use the color matched brush and do the same thing. If you use a 3M pad, make sure you rinse it before using the brightener. Since Snappy is a 2-part cleaner there is an acid and a base, that means that they will neutralize one another if the brushes are mixed or the pad not cleaned. If you rinse between Snappy 1 and 2, don’t flood the wood. Remember: the Number 2 has to go in all the nooks and crannies the Number 1 did in order to neutralize it! Now, that you are finished, you can rinse everything. If you would like to put a sealer or coating on your deck then now is the time to be patient. A good time to put your coating on is between 24 and 48 hours. It takes roughly 24 hours for teak to dry thoroughly and after 48 the fibers tend to close back up and it doesn-t take the coating as well. If you want the technical version of this then buy the bottle and just read the label.

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