Greek Yacht Charter License made easy through our Yacht Management Services in Greece without hassle and overhead expenses . We are the pioneers in the market with experience which covers any size of Yacht . We can also arrange Greek Flag for Commercial Yacht Registration .

Greek Yacht Charter License

For all Eligible Foreign Flag Yachts

Under the New Law in Greece all European Flag Yachts as well as Non-Eu Flag Yachts over 35 meters built of Steel or GRP are eligible to be issued Greek Charter License .

Corporate Status

Charter in Greece Hassle Free and With The Lowest Costs .

Our company offers a unique structure to avoid hassles , costs and fees while chartering on Greece . Our aim is to offer you the best service during the licensing process but also a smooth operation during the actual chartering period .

Foreign Commercial Yacht Inspection Certificate

Issued By Local Greek Classification Societies

In order for a Foreign Commercial Yacht to apply for Greek Charter License it should first be inspected and be issued a Certificate called Foreign Commercial Yacht Inspection Certificate. The Yacht Does not need to be in Greece .

Greek VAT Status on Yacht Charters

VAT Regulation which apply to Greek Charter Licensed Yachts

The VAT in Greece for Yacht Charters based on the category of the yachts and the cruising area this summer was between 5,2% and 12% . The actual VAT will be 12% for all charters and for some charters it will be reduced to 9,6% .

Greek Flag Registration Service

Commercial Yacht Registration in Greece

Our agency arranges Greek Flag Registration for foreign or new built yachts under the Commercial Yacht Code which offers the VAT Exception and freedom to trade . Greek or EU Citizens , Individuals or Entities are allowed to own a Greek Commercial Yacht . Contact us and we will give you additional information.