Corporate Status

Corporate Status
Charter in Greece Hassle Free and With The Lowest Costs .

Our company offers a unique structure to avoid hassles , costs and fees while chartering on Greece . Our aim is to offer you the best service during the licensing process but also a smooth operation during the actual chartering period .


As a Foreign Commercial Yacht the process of licensing starts with the VAT Registration of the Licensee which many of our competitors for their own reasons want to make it complicated and cost effective . 

They either ask you to establish a company which will manages the yacht in Greece and apply for VAT / Tax ID or to establish a branch office of your existing company .

Both they will require :

  • Office premises for which you will be charged monthly 
  • Branch office or Company's Manager which you will have to pay monthly 
  • Social Security Contributions for the manager which you will have to pay monthly 
  • Accountant & Tax Advisor which you will need to pay monthly 
  • Extra monthly fees (most of them hidden)  
  • High cost of establishment and High Cost of operational expenses



Our company RODITIS YACHTING and its Subsidiary Specialised in the Fiscal Services Company "SKY MARINE smpc" , first of all has :

  • 2 Inhouse Accountants to cover all Fiscal Needs of any operation 
  • Agreement with an Athens Based large TAX Consulting Company 
  • Experience in the field of Yacht Fiscal & Charter Logistics since 1989 
  • Good relation with all involved Authorities (Ministry of Merchant Marine & Island Policy , VAT Department , Sea Tourism Sector of the Ministry of Merchant Marine and Customs)
  • A well established reputation in the field of Yachting 
  • The "KNOW HOW"


Without having to establish any company , any branch and be involved in a bureaucratic procedure we propose :

  1. The signing of a Commercial Yacht Management Assignment Agreement between the Yacht Owner and our Company which will be filed at the Ministry Of Merchant Marine and Island Policy / Sea Tourism Department and the VAT Office of Rhodes Tax Authority
  2. This Assignment enables us to apply for the Greek Yacht Charter License on your behalf for your yacht .
  3. The License will be issued under the Yacht and will be applicable to the Yacht Owner and our Company as the Fiscal / Assignees in Greece .

YOUR BENEFITS ARE BIG , as you will not need to pay any monthly fees , you will not worry about your proposed branch office or company in Greece  , your expenses will be eliminated as you will have to pay an annual fee to our company ONLY which saves you almost 60% but most important your operations in Greece will be smooth and hassle free .

We offer you a Peace Of Mind Solution ...

For more detailed information , please contact me at any time : 

Michalis Roditis 

(Tel/Whatsapp/Viber : +30 6974447720)