Greek Flag Registration Service

Greek Flag Registration Service
Commercial Yacht Registration in Greece

Our agency arranges Greek Flag Registration for foreign or new built yachts under the Commercial Yacht Code which offers the VAT Exception and freedom to trade . Greek or EU Citizens , Individuals or Entities are allowed to own a Greek Commercial Yacht . Contact us and we will give you additional information.

Import of yacht in Greece as commercial is VAT Free no matter the cost of the yacht.
VAT is not obliged to be paid as long as it keeps its commerciality 

1. Greek flag is recognized internationally as a leading white flag according to Paris MoU
2. Tax free operation 
3. VAT & TAX Free fuel and supplies 
4. Low VAT on charter agreements 
5. Flexible certification which enables yachts for day charters to receive over 12 passengers 
6. Low demands on yachts under 24 meters and fair procedures for yacht over 24 meters
7. No crew is compulsory for yachts under 24 meters ( based on the bareboat charter law )
8. Able to employ foreign crew 
9. Very low costs on Government Marinas 
10. Owner can freely use the yacht without VAT implications 
11. Greek flag is the gate to a multimillion euro charter industry  !!! 


  • There is no taxation related to the company’s charter income for the EU flagged yachts. Yachts are only liable to a yacht tonnage tax per year which is €70 for the first 10ogt and €1/gt thereafter;
  • Subject to the fulfilment of the obligation to charter for a minimum number of days per year (currently 25/40 for crewed yachts – no restriction if the days are completed in Greece or abroad), the Owner(s) may use the yacht privately as much as they wish. During such private use though, there is no exception on VAT and supply of tax free fuel;
  • Under a Greek charter license the yachts may embark and disembark from any Greek port;
  • For yachts in international voyages, VAT on charters is discounted by 60% i.e. VAT 9.6%;
  • For yachts in local voyages, within Greece only, VAT is discounted by 50% i.e VAT 12%;
  • Under a Greek charter license the yachts need to complete formalities just at the embarking (starting) port releasing the obligation of formalities at every port as for other yachts;
  • Other benefits exist under circumstances e.g. transit fuel on charters, VAT free berthing contract, exceptions on VAT for yacht refit, supplies, provisions, etc
  • Foreign crew can be hired subject to be over the Minimum Safe Manning and further for yachts under 24 meters to be under a social security plan .