Foreign Commercial Yacht Inspection Certificate

Foreign Commercial Yacht Inspection Certificate
Issued By Local Greek Classification Societies

In order for a Foreign Commercial Yacht to apply for Greek Charter License it should first be inspected and be issued a Certificate called Foreign Commercial Yacht Inspection Certificate. The Yacht Does not need to be in Greece .

In order for the Inspector to proceed with the initial survey we will require the following certificates , manuals , drawings .

The actual Survey of the Yacht can be performed anywhere in the world subject to a charge for the Surveyor and his travel expenses .


*Whatever is available

Documents & Certificates :

  • Registry
  • International Tonnage Certificate
  • Radio License
  • Load Line Certificate (If Applicable)
  • Sewage Certificate (If Applicable)
  • CE Certificate
  • NoX Certificate


  • General Arrangement Plan
  • Lines Plan
  • Sections Plan
  • Sewage Plan
  • Tank Plan


  • Stability Booklet
  • Yacht’s Manual

       Eligible Yachts 

  • ============================================ 
  • All EU Flag Yachts with commercial registry
  • Pleasure Yachts (Subject to Eligibility)
  • All NON EU Yachts over 35 Meters subject to be built of Steel or GRP