Just to always stay in truck . . .

Transferring the daily financial and administrative functions of your yacht from the Captain to your Management Office allows the Captain to spent more time on the daily works of the yacht , make sure it runs perfect and mainly concentrate in his primary duties and responsibilities .

Navigating the yacht in a safe and seamanlike fashion and making sure that the Owner, his guests and charterers are well looked after. Bluewater can assist by offering the following:

  1. Bank Accounts
  2. Payment of Invoices
  3. Monthly Accounting
  4. Yearly Budgets
  5. Crew Salaries & Social Security 
  6. Port Expenses 
  7. Marina Berthing Fees 
  8. Flag State Fees 
  9. Unexpected Payments 
  10. Voyage Expenses 
  11. Crew Repatriation Expenses 
  12. Payroll 
  13. Spares & Staff for the yacht 

In general while using or not using your yacht we are here for you to arrange payments for all purposes in such manner that you will only be having one monthly statement to inspect and approve .