Winter maintenance

Winter maintenance
  • Hull and metallic parts hydro-blast during hauling
  •  Exterior cleaning
  • Machine cleaning with fresh water
  •  Engine room cleaning and maintenance

Before Launching  

  • Hull scrubbing
  • Cleaning of metallic parts (Helms, Brackets, Flaps, Propellers)
  • After scrubbing, hull cleaning with chemical products
  •  Hull primer (if necessary)
  • Hull and metallic parts antifouling
  • Anti-osmosis treatment (if necessary)
  • Anodes’ replacement
  • Propeller polishing
  • General polishing

General Works

  • Teak repairs (washing, cleaning, replacement of damaged Sikaflex)
  • Fiberglass repairs and restorations
  • Crack repairs
  • Varnish (polyurethane) and Gel-Coat application
  • Chain and capstan motor repair or replacement
  • Windscreen wiper (and motor) replacement
  • Pillows, covers, tents cleaning (replacement or repair when necessary)
  • Inner space biological cleaning (WC, Bridge front, Bilge, Filters, Valves, Pumps)
  • Tender base installation and other related jobs 
  • Any type of polyester repairs (Mirror reinforcement, new polyester boxes)